2019 EPK



I Know The Chief started as a few mates with a common interest for all things music doing all of the things a band does in its formative years - sharing your favourite new and old music, getting in a room together to throw around ideas, taking your own 'stare into the distance' press shots, getting involved in Melbourne - and Australia’s - amazing music scene, and not really knowing what we were doing. As the project has evolved, IKTC has found itself diving deeper into the creative process and trying to make music with depth and purpose. This EP is a collection of songs written and crafted over the past 3 years, some of which are - on the surface - fun and light hearted, while others seem rooted more deeply in experiences. Nonetheless, all of the tracks harbour an underlying theme of the deep introspection that sits at the core of reaching a certain point in life. The point where you’re out of your school daze and honeymoon period of adolescence and are moving into the 'real world'. Each song on the EP, in one way or another, explores the navigation of this transition and the clashes of ideas like freedom and loneliness, optimism and uncertainty, nostalgia and longing, structure and stagnation, change and ego, control and chaos.

“Everything’s Under Control” - the title of the EP - is the idea is that whatever is desirable in life is hidden underneath control, or comfort. If you step out of your comfort zone and come face-to-face with what you know is holding you back, you may find that it’s no where near as daunting as it seemed but that it has the potential to be more fulfilling and rewarding than you could ever have imagined.







“I Know The Chief . . . Definitely up there with some of the best Aussie indie-pop groups like Clubfeet, like Panama, New Navy, Cut Copy, I’m loving those guys”
— Nat Tencic (Triple J)
This latest single from I Know The Chief will have you up and dancing before the first verse even kicks in. The perfect happy-sad song, “Saudade” will leave you both feeling the groove and contemplating your life choices.
— Nylon
“I haven’t heard anything nearly as good as these guys for quite some time, and it excites me greatly. Precise guitar lines, crisp vocals, and catchy melodies — what more could you possibly ask for?”
— Justin Lam (Indie Shuffle)
To kick off what should be a busy 2018 for the band, these classy gents have blessed our ears with this indie-dance track that is perfect to bop in your chair at your desk to. Saudade triumphs in its’ funkiness; this song is literally what would happen if indie, electronic and disco music had a love child.
— rBeatz